Sunday, July 1, 2012

PokéNews Exclusive Event!

Hello, and welcome! Nomally, events would take place in the Pokémon Battle Club, but to celibrate the 1st of the month, AND Independence Day, we would like to distribute this super special Charizard!

Click here to open the event in a new tab. Go to your Wi-Fi settup, and change both DNS codes to Save, and go to the GTS. Make sure you have a FULL TEAM OF POKéMON, or else the stats will be broken. The Pokémon will appear in the first open space in your Pokémon Storage PC Box. Please take extream caution if you choose to breed this Pokémon, as a bad egg may be the product.

We hope you enjoy you Independence Day, and thank you for using PokéNews Ecxell,

     --The PokéNews Staff Team


  1. Is it safe? And when does it end??


    1. The event is say as long as you DO NOT ATTEMT TO BREED IT. It has not been teste in this area. Also, the event will end 8/1/2012.